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"712 Places You Haven't
    Thought to Look"

by Bobbie Mostyn


Like many women of her generation, Bobbie Mostyn found herself divorced at an early age. She had moved away from her familiar Southern California surroundings to Houston, Texas where she hoped for a new beginning, however having married young she was inexperienced at the process of meeting men.

A little afraid of the unknown, dissatified with the atmosphere in bars and determined to not live her life alone, Bobbie set out to learn creative ways to meet single men. At first, she took little steps, each time noting what worked and placed it on a 3 X 5 card.

Bobbie would try these new techniques in new places and met new men. The philosphy was simple, meet as many new people as possible and out of this crowd, pick the ones that would interest her. After all, she knew that a good man is easier to find if you have many from which to choose.

This went on until the summer of 1985 when she retired her shoebox of 3 X 5 cards for the man she was looking for. Bobbie now wants to share with you her places to go to find men. Its no big secret and not some manipulative plan but just a way to approach the process of finding companionship. As Bobbie says, "Men want to meet you and if you go to the places where they are, the natural course of events are inevitable."

Women don't have to be someone they are not to meet men. That's more for the bar scene. By selecting the right places, you are in fact selecting the kind of men you want to meet. If you are serious about finding a wholesome companion, try wholesome places where the men are.

The man Bobbie Mostyn found


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