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"712 Places You Haven't
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by Bobbie Mostyn


Line MarkerBuy a hot dog and watch a Little League baseball game. Single fathers will be there watching their kids. Sit in the stands and cheer for one of the teams. Not only a social environment, but watching a group of youngsters field baseballs can be a kick. This is one of my favorite means of meeting many nice fellows.

Line MarkerAttend a model train show. Contrary to what you may think, it's not young boys, but adult males that are the main patrons at these exhibitions. You will see dozens of layouts where HO-scale trains travel through miniature environments, representing thousands of hours of work. Spend time talking with the owners about their creations -- it's why they're there. So, get yourelf over there and talk to a few of these train guys and see where it leads!

Line MarkerFind out how to save a life with CPR . . . and mouth-to-mouth recessitation. These classes are usually taught by fireman . . . need I say more?

Line MarkerTake a woodworking class. Learn proper use of power tools and carpentry basics. Not only helpful for the self-sufficient woman, but you will be outnumbered by men. Check trade schools or community colleges for class information. This is one class you'll be glad you signed up for!

Line MarkerSpend time in a public library from 9-5. If it is near a downtown district, the business section will be crowded during the week with men doing industry and commerce research. Stop by, as it definitely is worth checking out!

Line MarkerBecome involved with Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. Members of these national service organizations include active or retired business executives and professionals . . . and 85% are men! (At one time these groups were exclusively male, but in recent years have opened their membership to women.) Not only is this a fantastic social opportunity for you, but these groups also do a lot of community service work. They meet on a regular basis and new members are always welcome . . . so, what are you waiting for?

Line MarkerLook for vintage guitar shows. Used guitar swap meets are immensely popular with guys of all ages. The last one I attended was inundated with hundreds of musicians and guess what . . . only a handful were females!

Line MarkerCheer for a long shot at the horse races. Males are the main attendees at the race track, especially during the week. If you've ever wondered where to meet men during the day . . . this is where you'll find them! Arrive early, as most seating is on a first come, first served basis, however, there are many places to sit or stand, even if you do not purchase grandstand or the nice clubhouse seating. But whenever and wherever you go, there will be lots of men around you . . .so take advantage of it!

Line MarkerAttend a car auction. No doubt about it, if there will be hard-to-find and expensive automobiles up for sale, there will be lots of affluent gentlemen. One of the larger and better known events is the annual Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction held during January in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are looking for rich men, get yourself gussied up, as this is one event you should not miss!



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